How to fix dead headset

Headsets are often used in everyday life, for example: watching movies using a laptop, listening to songs, watching YouTube, streaming certain programs, or while traveling.

When traveling, a headset is one item that is rarely left behind. Headsets are usually used when you want to sleep but want to calm yourself down with music.

You can use a headset so as not to disturb the comfort of other passengers while traveling. Because the headset is an important tool that accompanies daily activities, you must be sad when the headset suddenly doesn't make an undue sound, turns off.

How to Fix Headset Off Next

Damage to Stereo Plug (Earphone Socket)

If so, you need not worry because you are not alone. You don't need to rush to throw away the headset or buy a new headset, you can try repairing the headset first.

Can a dead headset be fixed? Can it work properly again? You often ask this question, don't you?

The answer to that question is it can and will work just like when you bought it.

Cause of Headset Off

The following are some of the causes of the dead headset next door:

  • Broken wires
  • Headset speaker off
  • Broken Headset Port
  • How to Fix Headset Off Next
  • Here's how you can try to fix a dead headset:

Cable Damage

The cause of the first dead headset is usually the cable. Damage to the cable inside the headset, damaged stereo cable, bent cable, pulled, falling from a height that will make the cable break.

To solve the problem of a damaged headset due to cable damage, you must first find the damaged cable and fix it.

Here's how to fix cable damage on a dead headset:

Wear the headset properly and play the songs that are on your smartphone. When you play a song, your headset moves and bends the cable.

If you find the sound is not clear, you have found the source of the problem. After that mark the damaged part and then peel the skin of the damaged cable using scissors or other tools.

Cut the cable in half on each side

Insert the tangled black wire and tighten

Connect the wires according to the color of the insulator

Cover with insulation.

Damage to Stereo Plug (Earphone Socket)

The next damage is damage to the stereo plug, the step you have to run is to prepare a new stereo plug with a size of approximately 2-3 cm after the cable for the stereo plug of the same size as the previous plug is cut, peel the cable using scissors, pliers or other tools.

When the cable is peeling, insert the cable cover, spring, and drain hose into the cable. Stereo are two pins usually located at the end of the plug, if there is only one plug it is called a mono plug.

The next stage is to separate the wires on the wires to be connected, connect the longest bare metal wire to the main terminal, but if there is no wire, connect the wires directly with an insulator.

Connect the two remaining wires to the pins that look like rings. You have to make sure that you plug everything in properly because otherwise it will affect the sound of the headset.

When the wires are connected to the pins, pinch the wires so they don't touch each other then sand the ends of the wires before soldering, making sure to solder the pins until the lead melts.

The final step is to put the plug cap on and try to use your headset.

If the sound that sounds like that first means your step is perfect.

However, if the headset turns off on one side, it means that there are steps that you need to fix, usually the error is in the last stage, namely installing the plug cover.

You need to reattach the plug by opening the plug cap and cutting the cord.

Other damage is usually caused by a damaged headset speaker (roll in it) this is usually caused by falling or hitting a heavy object. If it's bad, don't fix it again and please buy a new one.