How to increase the number of organic blog visitors

Do you know what organic visitors are? Yes, visitors who come from search engines like google.

Why do many bloggers want their blogs to have a lot of organic visitors? Are non organic visitors unimportant?

Let's first compare organic traffic with non-organic traffic.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic is the number of visitors who come to a website through search engines, be it Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and others. It is said to be organic because people consciously enter our web pages through the keywords they are looking for from the search field.

The more traffic from Google, the bigger your blog will be on page one of Google. So it can be said that blogs with high organic traffic have good SEO quality.

What is non-organic traffic?

Unlike the above, non-organic traffic does not come from search engines. This traffic is obtained because our blog is shared on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. So that visitors come to our blog because of the shared web link. Usually novice bloggers use tricks such as exchanging blogwalking and comments on other people's blogs.

How about writing a direct blog url that automatically goes directly to our blog? Does it include organic? No

Visitors who write directly to our blog address are considered non-organic visitors because they intentionally type in a direct url to be directed to the blog page without targeting the keywords they are looking for.

Visitors from search engines are very much, indicating more and more keywords that are on target. For this reason, bloggers are more concerned with how to get a lot of natural visitors.

How to increase organic visitors many times? Don't worry, there's a trick.

If you implement it, it will automatically increase blog traffic

Even the GuideIM website was able to increase visitors more than ten times when it was first launched.

1. Optimizing Modern SEO Techniques

One of the goals of SEO optimization is to increase traffic to our blog. Therefore, it is important to do SEO so that our blog is able to compete at the top of the Google page.

By using SEO, it is very possible that the blog will go to page one of Google so that many people click on it. To maximize optimization, there are two types of SEO, namely on page and off page. The two should not be separated and do not choose to optimize only one of them.

After you do the optimization, see if the seo you are doing is modern or ancient?

Now is not the time to beg for blogwalking here and there and spam comments on blogs that just waste your time. You just sit back and watch the visitors come by themselves using Modern SEO.

The most important factor in SEO is the content itself. Do not rely on instant methods such as using software. Modern SEO is all about building quality content that people need.

2. Create searchable content

Do you want your blog to be visited by many people every day? What makes them want to come to our blog? There are even loyal visitors who always look forward to our latest articles.

The key is to create compelling content that goes viral. Viral here means a lot of people are looking for it. But not by making the same articles as other blogs. But make an original article that gives someone's curiosity and has never been on another blog.

To make it easier to find what keywords, we use the help of Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends. There you can see what keywords have the highest search rates.

Suppose we target the keyword “SEO Optimization”, mix it with derived words, on page and off page seo, black hat seo and white hat seo, and many more.

3. Create content for the long term

Choosing a blog niche does determine the next step, especially in creating content. To get lots of visitors continuously, make articles that last. The point is articles that don't expire or go viral in certain seasons. Choose content such as tutorials or similar tips.

If you create content that is booming at the time, for example about agate, then the percentage of visitors will decrease. Likewise with news-themed web. One news article will stable get a lot of visitors in just 3-4 days.