How to make a special tender roast beef

How to make roast beef can be said to be a little so complicated.

Just like making beef opor, because we have to make sure the meat is cooked or not. 

Roast meat is a meat dish that is baked in the oven. We often meet at restaurants.

Actually if we want grilled meat, we don't have to bother buying it. It is more practical if we make it ourselves and it is also more hygienic and delicious. We can also choose the flavor we want.

Roast beef is a classic dish served as a family meal and usually the leftover meat can later be made into a delicious sandwich for the next day.

Roast your meats slowly until they are very tender and bring out the best flavor they have.

How to make roast beef

Estimating Cooking Time and Temperature

1. Leave the meat first.

Whether you're roasting lamb, beef, bull, or something else, you should let your roast simmer. This means taking them out of the fridge, putting them in a saucepan (to remove drips), and leaving them at room temperature.

If you are cooking a small roast, you should let it sit for 30 to 60 minutes, while a large roast should be left for an hour and a half.

Boiling the roast allows the meat to become moist again – when the meat is in the refrigerator, it tends to become tougher.

2. Estimate the time it will take to cook your roast.

In general, the length of baking time can be estimated from how many kilograms of meat you will cook.

The length of time you cook the roast will depend on whether you want the meat to be undercooked, undercooked, or medium.

However, keep in mind that every oven is different so in estimating cooking times, you should also monitor the internal temperature of the meat to determine when the meat has finished cooking.

For undercooked meats: Allow 15 minutes for each pound of roast. For example, if you have a 5-pound roast, you'll need to cook the roast for 75 minutes if you want the meat to be half cooked.

For medium rare meats: Cook the roast for 20 minutes for every pound of meat.

If you're cooking a 5-pound roast, you'll need to cook it for 100 minutes.

Medium roast: Allow 22 minutes for each pound of roast.

If you're going to cook a 5 pound roast, you'll need to cook it for 110 minutes

If you're cooking roast pork, you'll need to cook it for 20 minutes per pound of meat

3. Preheat your oven to the right temperature

This will be determined by the type of meat you are roasting. Here are the basic roasting temperatures for all roasts.

Roast at 325 F: degrees roast lamb leg or shoulder; pork back, shoulder, crown, or ham (with bone or boneless) beef back or ribs, beef ham, rump, bottom ring, eye rolls, and fresh or salted brisket.

Bake at 350 F: triple beef (boneless) or rib eye roast (with bone) roast pork ribs.

Roast at 425 F: Tender beef and top of the wing or back of the loin, pork roast