Free Credit Card For Google Play Store

Almost all Android users, must have downloaded an application on the PlayStore.

Free Credit Card For Google Play Store

However, most of the downloaded apps are unpaid or free apps. Well, if you want to have a paid app, how do you buy an app on the PlayStore with a free credit card?

How to Buy Apps on PlayStore with Credit Card

In fact, to be able to have a paid application there are several ways you can do it. However, one way you can do this is by using a credit card on the PlayStore.

Because, you only need to fill in some data related to your credit card identity, so you just have to buy the desired application. Very easy isn't it?

For more information on how to buy applications on the PlayStore with a credit card, let's see the explanation below.

1. Sign in to Google Play

The first way to buy apps on the PlayStore with a credit card is that you first need to login to Google Play. The method is very easy, you only need to use your Google ID or E-mail address.

Generally, almost everyone now has a Gmail account, so you can immediately use that email address to sign in to Google Play.

However, if you don't have a Gmail account, you can create one on the official Gmail or Google Mail sites.

2. Select the type of application you want to buy

The next way to buy an application on the PlayStore with a credit card is that you can directly select the type of application you want to buy.

You can choose any application, ranging from games, video editing applications, photo editing, music applications and so on.

3. Select the “Buy” Button to Process the Purchase

After you finish selecting the type of application you want to buy, then you can immediately click the “buy” button and a pop up will appear regarding the payment method you want to use.

You can directly choose a payment method using a credit card by clicking the "add credit or debit card" option.

4. Google Wallet Pop-up Appears

When after you click the "add credit or debit card" button, you will again see a Pop Up display that will appear on your gadget screen.

The Pop Up display contains some data that you need to fill in completely regarding personal information and the credit card that you will use.

Before proceeding to the next step, make sure the data you entered is correct and complete. After that, you can directly click the "save" button.

5. Google Wallet Pop-up Appears

If all the data you entered is valid and has been successfully activated, the last four digits of your credit card will appear.

If it is correct, you can immediately click the "save" button and make the purchase transaction of the application you selected at the beginning.

6. Do a Purchase Review

However, before processing the application that you are going to buy, it's a good idea to do a review first. Make sure the app you buy is exactly what you want it to be.

Not only that, you also need to make sure all the information that appears regarding your credit card is correct. The reason is, if after you click "accept & buy", then your credit card will be automatically deducted for payment.

7. Get Confirmation Email

Then the last step is that you will get a notification in the form of confirmation, regarding the success of your application purchase.

The notification will usually be sent via E-mail that you have or previously registered.

If you have received the notification, then you can immediately download and install the application you purchased.

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name: Evan Adrian
Security Code : 386

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number: 4539 2864 4444 0124
cvv: 235
expiration date : 12/22
name: Jennifer dear
Security Code : 444

Type: Visa
number: 4929 1669 2987 7685
cvv: 226
expiration date : 09/24
name: Donovan lundgren
Security Code : 973

Type: Visa
number: 4024 0071 7461 8222
cvv: 635
expiration date : 11/22
name: James moore
Security Code: 113

Type: Visa
number: 4024 0071 1658 3559
cvv: 973
expiration date : 10/23
name: Logan Audley
Security Code : 183

Type: Visa
number: 4556 7082 2984 2073
cvv: 152
expiration date : 17/23
Name: Rebecca Leapman
Security Code : 246

Type: Visa
number: 4556 1844 1199 9701
cvv: 959
expiration date : 12/23
name: Madeline rose
Security Code : 496

Type: Visa
number: 4312 1732 3697 7427
CV: 134
expiration date : 03/24
name: Mary Barnes
Security Code : 272

Type: Visa
number: 4532 1175 6296 5054
CV: 135
expiration date : 08/24
Name: Steven Fleming
Security Code : 564

Type: Visa
number: 4539 9734 7614 6964
cvv: 687
experience: 12/19
name: Sierra Kelly
Security Code : 444

Type: Visa
number: 4485 6975 0224 7454
cvv: 659
expiration date : 15/23
name: Brinna married
Security Code : 549