Real Credit Card Numbers To Buy Stuff With CVV

If you are a credit card user, you must be familiar with the terms CVV and CVC.

Real Credit Card Numbers To Buy Stuff With CVV

When going to make an online transaction, usually online shopping platforms will ask for a CVV or CVC code as a form of leverage that you are a credit card holder who uses it to shop.

When shopping using a credit card, your credit card will be swiped or entered into an electronic data capture (EDC) machine.

At that time the data on your credit card will be read out by the machine and then taken to the card issuing bank.

Inside the ribbon, the type or chip on the credit card contains your financial data. That's why you are advised to transact on a platform that has been trusted so far.

The last step when making a transaction is that you will be asked for a CVV code aka Card Verification Value (CVV) or Card Verification Code (CVC) on the back of the credit card.

Usually the CVV or CVC code consists of a unique 3 digit number. Do not entrust the code to anyone except transact at your place.

The following is the original credit card number for purchasing goods with CVV

  • Username:
  • Password : Credit12$
  • Cardholder Name : Zachary Brown
  • Card Number : 4418960108702567
  • Expiration Date : 04 / 23
  • Cvv2 : 571
  • BIN/IIN info : VISA - DEBIT - VISA.
  • Address & Info
  • Full Name : Zachary Browm
  • Address: 2931 173rd place, Lansing, IL
  • Postal Code/Zip Code : 60438
  • Country: USA
  • SSN : 353-62-4037
  • DOB : 10/08/1973
  • security question
  • Security Question : mother's maiden name
  • Security Answer : Merchell brown

Related :

CVV or CVC are basically the same. It is located in the last 3 digits on the back of the credit card. The code is a unique code, where each code contains data about the card owner.

CVV is the term used by credit cards bearing the Visa logo, while CVC is used for credit cards that use Mastercard as a payment intermediary.

Even so, the CVV code is a secret code, the most important thing in using a credit card you must maintain the confidentiality of the credit card number listed on the front of the card.

CVV or CVC code is a code that is needed when you transact with a large enough nominal. If you don't enter the code, your transaction will likely be rejected by the issuing bank because the bank can't make the transaction.