Advantages of Steam Irons You Need to Know

Clothes iron is divided into two types, namely ordinary and steam.  However, of the various advantages, ironing with a steam iron can actually save us time.

Yes! For those of you who travel a lot, a steam type iron can be the most helpful item. Although the time is short, it does not mean the results are disappointing.

There are various advantages of a steam iron that can help you tidy up your clothes, as follows.

1. Save Time

If you don't have much time to iron clothes before traveling, then using a steam iron is the right choice.

You see, the water vapor produced can smooth out the most stubborn wrinkles in no time. Steam irons can produce the best appearance of clothes because the surface becomes very smooth

2. Safe

The advantage of the next steam iron is that it can turn off automatically so it is safer to use. This can minimize injury if the iron gets too hot.

3. Best Results

Want clothes that are clean, polished, and look professional? You see, the hot steam produced is able to moisten clothing fibers and make them easier to press.

In addition, steam also does not damage the fabric fiber elements. As a result, the fiber will stay tight and the results of the iron can stay neat, even if you use it all day.

4. Easy Maintenance

The easy maintenance method is also the advantage of the steam iron that you can get. You see, you only need a microfiber cloth to wipe the outside of the iron and empty the water tank after each use.

Apart from its advantages, it turns out that steam irons also have some disadvantages, as follows.

1. Need to Refill Water

Steam irons use water vapor to smooth clothes. Therefore, we must frequently fill the water in the tank regularly. The problem is, if the tank runs out of water, the iron can't produce steam.

Especially if the tank is quite small, you will need to fill it with water several times in the process of ironing the clothes.

However, this can be overcome by keeping a large container of clean water near the steam iron for easy refilling. When using a steam iron, you need to provide water because of the refill system

2. Can Only for Some Materials

Unlike ordinary irons, steam irons cannot be used for all types of fabrics, especially heavy materials such as blends of wool and polyester. You see, the steam produced is not enough to remove creases on heavy fabrics.

However, if you have a variety of lightweight fabrics, such as linen and cotton, then a steam iron can smooth clothes perfectly.

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