Good Types of Butter for Cookies

It seems like many people don't know that butter and shortening are the same thing, just different in pronunciation. Good brand butter must come from processing pure cow's milk to maintain its taste and aroma. The minimum butter to be categorized as good butter, contains at least 60% pure milk fat.

If these conditions are met, then butter will make pastries more flavorful, fragrant, savory, soft and also crunchy. At first glance, choosing good butter for pastries does look easy because it's only based on the fat content of pure milk. However, in practice there are many types of butter, such as salted and unsalted, so you can't just choose one.

In choosing a good butter, not only the quality of butter that is considered, but there are other factors. For this reason, choosing butter is not as easy as one might think, there are several things that must be considered. Now with the tips below, hopefully it can help.

1. Check the Condition of the Butter Wrap

Butter or shortening is not as strong as margarine. At high temperatures the butter will melt quickly. If this happens and the condition of the packaging is no longer sealed or tightly closed, then the quality of the butter can decrease.

Sometimes there are also butter packages that are dented for various reasons, to be safe you should avoid wrappers like this. Choose butter with good adhesion, not damp and still tightly closed without dents. That way the quality of the butter in it remains good and makes the cake delicious.

2. Make sure the butter is not moldy

If butter is stored improperly, such as in a damp or hot place, it will likely mold. This is hard to see from the outside, especially if the butter wrap is still good and not scuffed.

To avoid buying butter that goes moldy, paying attention to how the store stores butter can help. If you buy online, ask the seller how to store it and how the butter will be shipped, you have to make sure in advance.

3, Butter Expiration Date

This is very important to note because the shelf life of butter is not long. So it's best if the texture hasn't changed, and the butter is still good, choose one that's far from its expiration date.

Note the Comparison of Content in Butter - To say good butter, the fat content of whole milk must be at least 60%. In addition, there are salted and unsalted butter. Salt has been added salt, still tasteless.

So salted butter if used as a dry cake the results will be saltier. For those who like salty and savory, this type of butter is perfect. Conversely, for those who don't like salty, the unsalted type can be the right choice to make your favorite pastries.

Then there is organic butter which is gluten and lactose free for those with certain allergies. The taste of this organic butter depends on each brand.

Choose the Right Aroma and Taste - it would be better if the aroma and taste of butter is stronger. As for the nastar cake which will be filled with jam, it requires a strong butter aroma.

So consider what cake to make, then choose which brand of butter suits your needs. Apart from the fat content in milk, there are other ingredients such as salt which can affect the taste and aroma so pay close attention.

Availability of Butter - In general, margarine is better known and more familiar than butter, so its availability is not too much in the market. Sometimes margarine and butter are considered the same, so sellers prefer to sell margarine which is easier to store and cheaper.

For that, even though you can already decide which butter is good and suitable for the cake you are going to make, consider this one thing. Don't let the butter you want be hard to find even online. If so, even if the butter is successfully obtained, the quality cannot be guaranteed to be the same.

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