Olive Oil is good for cooking

Who doesn't know about olive oil? Oil made from olive seeds is very famous and widely used. Not only for cosmetics and beauty, olive oil can also be used for cooking. Brands of olive oil for cooking are different from olive oil for beauty.

Cooking using olive oil has many advantages, one of which is a healthier food. This is because olive oil is a vegetable oil with a good content for the body. In addition, the taste of food is also better if you use olive oil. But not all types of olive oil can be used for cooking.

1. Extra Olive Oil

This type of olive oil has a greenish color. This color indicates that the nutrient content in it is quite high. This extra virgin olive oil is made using cold pressing technique from high quality olives. This type of olive oil does not go through the heating process so it still contains a lot of nutrients.

Actually this type of olive oil is not suitable for food menus or frying food. This olive oil is only suitable for use as a dressing for foods such as a mixture of pizza, steak and salads. The acid content of this oil is only 0.8%.

2. Pure Olive Oil

This type of olive oil is olive oil that is still natural and has quite complete nutrition. The acidity level of this oil is quite high. This type of olive oil is made by cold pressing and going through a heating process.

Because through the process of heating olive oil, this type of virgin olive oil can be consumed immediately. However, for the cooking process it is highly recommended to use it as a cooking spice only.

3. Light Olive Oil

This type of olive oil is a type of olive oil that is suitable for cooking. Light olive oil is made from pure extracts of low quality olive oil. The fragrance of this oil is not strong and very mild. While the color of this oil is quite clear.

This type of olive oil is sold at a fairly affordable price. It's not wrong if this olive oil is suitable for baking and sautéing. Although the content is not very pure, olive oil is good for health.

4. Extra Light Olive Oil

This type of olive oil includes olive oil which has the lowest content. Despite its low content, this oil is perfect for cooking, including frying. Even this oil is suitable for sautéing and baking with temperatures up to 220 degrees.

Compared to using vegetable oil, this type of extra light olive oil is healthier. Suitable for those who want to cook food for a diet and lower bad cholesterol in the body.

5. Classico Olive Oil

This type of classico olive oil has a more intense yellow color, almost similar to vegetable oil. The content in olive oil is quite good and suitable for diets. The taste of this olive oil is neutral and mild. Not only suitable for cooking but also can be consumed directly.

This type of olive oil can be used for frying, sautéing and baking with a maximum temperature of 200 degrees. This oil can also be used in food sauces, however, it does not taste like other types of olive oil.

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